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Share via Facebook is a service provided by McCracken County Emergency Management through The Fire Horn, Inc. Through this system, you can elect to receive various community notifications from agencies of McCracken County. You can also choose to provide some information that would assist emergency responders in a disaster.

Please choose the types of notifications you would wish to receive

By choosing to receive all alerts, you will receive all the alert types below, as well as future alerts are more agencies take advantage of the notification system.

Alerts for high end severe weather events such as confirmed tornadoes or severe thunderstorms likely to cause widespread wind damage. These alerts are NOT meant to replace your NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio alerts, television weather bulletins, or other types of notification systems that you may be familiar with. These alerts will be manually issued by emergency management officials when they are confident that a verified damaging storm is occurring or is likely to occur.

Evacuation routes for hazardous incidents, shelter in place, missing/endangered persons, suspects fleeing from law enforcement or hiding in a known area, hazardous conditions, special events requiring rerouting or changes to traffic (e.g. Iron Mom).

Non-Emergency Notifications relating to the local area such as community events. These may be sent via various agencies associated with McCracken County.

Notification preferences may be changed by visiting or

Allow location of cellular phone to be tracked so that notifications can be sent if you are at an address other than your primary notification address

Provide your contact information to receive alerts

During a disaster, evacuation, or extended power outage, is there anybody at the above residence that would require special assistance from emergency services?

Does the above address have a tornado shelter?

Informing the Office of Emergency Management of a tornado shelter can assist emergency services find you in the event of an emergency.

Please contact The Fire Horn, Inc. with any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.


The Fire Horn Community Notification System is not a primary emergency alert system. Alerts are sent out on a case-by-case basis. The Fire Horn, Inc., or McCracken County Emergency Management cannot be held responsible for the delivery, content, or reliability of any message delivered through the system. By signing up for this service, end user assumes all responsibility for service charges issued by a communications carrier in receiving messages from the system. Information provided to the Office of Emergency Management may be shared with other agencies and will be handled as "Sensitive but Unclassified". For more information contact The Fire Horn, Inc.

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